COLONEL QUARITCH: ” However, it does present an opportunity most timely and unique, clear! “

KE9A Ham Station (July 2020)

As many of you know. I’m a fan of Apple’s computing equipment. And at one time I was a full-time programmer. I have set up a Mac-mini as the computer in my ham shack and I am working through an interesting “opportunity” that Apple has given us, Swift and SwiftUI can now be used to create applications for Mac and iPad using the same code base. I have been a part of the Apple Developer community for a lot of years. I have zero technical debt invested in other UI frameworks for the Mac or iOS. Xcode 12 plus Swift and SwiftUI are my starting gate.

I am introducing a new project. The actual feature set and the potential delivery dates are still in the cloud. The working name is ham-comm. I am writing about the project at: