Bob Fairbairn

Horsing Around with iPhone 8 Plus HDR

I have been shooting a lot with the iPhone 8 Plus and have been finding that the auto HDR can work very well and can do some really odd things. I was visiting Kline Creek Farm over the weekend and shot a few images that illustrate the HDR working and HDR creating some artifacts. I would not write these problems all off to software; I feel that I am not holding the camera still enough or keeping stable.


In the image of the horse the HDR did not show any artifacts and it created a pleasing image.


Now the shot of the frost blackened garden beans shows some artifacts in the out of focus areas behind main image. Look at the the yellow pan in the little garden wagon and the roof of the barn in the distance. Something is amiss. Now I can ignore it but it is interesting.

Behind the squash the out of focus dry grass and garden material appears to have artifacts of the HDR process.

I am not going to complain but I do wonder. The images that show this issue I will be sending in to Apple to report to their software team.

I am also looking at a new way of shooting with the iPhone that might help with keeping the phone more stable. But you will have to wait for that as I have not started testing yet!