Bob Fairbairn

Move on, nothing to see here ...

I left FB once and came back for my small business and to see things from my family. I tried pretty hard to use FB to improve my customer interactions but I never paid them any money for improving my results. I hoped that people around me would see value and tell others. I guess it does not work that way. About 2 months ago I turned off my business pages and stopped posting.

I did not understand how the new FB app platform worked and that it allowed xfiltration of data or actually what data is being collected. No I did not go look either. I really wanted the system to help me with my business and to see what was happening with far flung family. What I found was a lot of noise with very little signal. I do not think that any of us know what we are giving FB for free and what they are scraping up from what we leave around the internet.

As I collapsed my presence down to close family I found that about 30% of the posts in my “timeline” are advertisements disguised as “posts” or FB trying to sell my business services. I also found that they did not deliver family posts to me that I wanted to see and I could not find them but others saw them. I do not understand what FB is hiding or why a linear timeline seems to beyond reason.

So where does this leave me? I really do not know, but I will be deleting my FB account today. I do not celebrate this; it is just a fact. I may miss some pictures or moments from my grandchildren’s lives, I may miss some of the things that my son in Germany does. I will not miss being torn apart by participating in the farce that is FB. Others around me will show me some of the pictures and videos….

I am working to figure out how to create a safe and simple place for my family to share things with each other. I do not know how I will do this. I do not know how to reduce the siren call of “Just Post on FB”.

I do know that is time to “Move on, nothing to see here!”

  • RJF