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Basic website hosting

I have moved my blogs over to for now and I have to find a web host for my very simple business web site.  (4-5 static pages).  I have been using Squarespace but it is too expensive for now.


Anyone have a suggestion?




Counting the birds

This morning there were five White Crowned Sparrows, a Grosbeak, a Baltimore Oriole, the pair of Doves that have been hanging out and a Robin or two, and some House Finches! Some stay ands some are passing through. Nice!

I just listened to an interesting podcast from Loreena Mckinnett about her upcoming album: 🎶

A Walk Near The River

PSA: Change your Twitter password:

Main garden tilled and settling in for planting:

Sunday morning “deep thoughts”

I typically read a lot early in the morning to wind up the clock so to speak. During my reading this morning I found this article in my inbox.

I am not sure what I want to say about this article. It could be “I told you so!” Or it could be “I thought this was closer to the truth!” I could be depressed and do nothing.

So I am going out to till my garden and plant some more food. I hope I am reducing my impact. I try……

An interesting post about productivity:

Validates simplicity and balance.

Zoo Day With The Grandkids

There is a nice post on MacStories about Wavelengthl

An interesting link for today

“How the Environment Has Changed Since the First Earth Day - National Geographic”…

Good intentions, the internet “rathole” and finding gold

This morning I am sort of waiting for some work that is coming my way today. A DAC to test, the fireplace guy to clean, and a quiet house to do some test podcast recording. I am reading and there is @Agiletortise mentioning the Drafts action to post to A reminder to read the MacStories article about the new version of drafts. And what appears to be an interesting podcast “Fundanmentally Broken”

Thanks @Manton for enabling this!

Well the intro and outro music had been selected and imported. The outline for the first microcast is in draft form. I have studied Ferrite Studio and practiced. I guess tomorrow when the house is quite I should record….. Scary!

Before starting a Microcast. A few questions for the group.

I have this “idea” for a microcast to take place of some of my blogging. Would you mix the blog and the cast in the same stream ? Do you think a microcast should have it’s own domain name? How regular does a microcast need to be to keep folks happy?

So many things before “commit myself” or get committed,…


Taking some of my thinking “public”

Apple and “How do to even more with iPad”…

Barred Owl

The owl was perched on a sign post as we were returning to our vacation cottage.

To “Mirkwood”

This is on one of my local walking routes. The light makes me feel like the walk into Mirkwood!

The Cardinal

Move on, nothing to see here ...

I left FB once and came back for my small business and to see things from my family. I tried pretty hard to use FB to improve my customer interactions but I never paid them any money for improving my results. I hoped that people around me would see value and tell others. I guess it does not work that way. About 2 months ago I turned off my business pages and stopped posting.

I did not understand how the new FB app platform worked and that it allowed xfiltration of data or actually what data is being collected. No I did not go look either. I really wanted the system to help me with my business and to see what was happening with far flung family. What I found was a lot of noise with very little signal. I do not think that any of us know what we are giving FB for free and what they are scraping up from what we leave around the internet.

As I collapsed my presence down to close family I found that about 30% of the posts in my “timeline” are advertisements disguised as “posts” or FB trying to sell my business services. I also found that they did not deliver family posts to me that I wanted to see and I could not find them but others saw them. I do not understand what FB is hiding or why a linear timeline seems to beyond reason.

So where does this leave me? I really do not know, but I will be deleting my FB account today. I do not celebrate this; it is just a fact. I may miss some pictures or moments from my grandchildren’s lives, I may miss some of the things that my son in Germany does. I will not miss being torn apart by participating in the farce that is FB. Others around me will show me some of the pictures and videos….

I am working to figure out how to create a safe and simple place for my family to share things with each other. I do not know how I will do this. I do not know how to reduce the siren call of “Just Post on FB”.

I do know that is time to “Move on, nothing to see here!”

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AirPods continue to amaze me. Today I am listening to podcasts while working around the house. I went to the basement to boot up the iMac and the AirPods started to break up. I was confused then discovered that my Phone was on the second floor at the opposite end of the house. SMILE!!!